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Mila Basic
Phone: +49 (0) 69 6301-5414

Mila comes from Croatia. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in Molecular biology at the University of Zagreb. After spending a year abroad during her ERASMUS exchange program at the TU Dresden, she decided to continue her education there and obtain her master’s degree from biotec, studying Molecular bioengineering. For her master thesis she joined the lab of Francis Stewart, where she was introduced to gene expressing systems in stem cells. In particular, she was interested in auxin-inducible degron system for expressing epigenetic regulators and investigation of their influence on the gene expression. Afterwards, Mila joined the new lab of Anja Bremm, where her interest shifted towards protein biochemistry. She is now investigating the roles of deubiquitinating enzymes in autophagy regulation. When not in lab, she can be found passionately doing various sports or enjoying a nice cup of coffee in a relaxing atmosphere.

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