Adriana was born in La Serena, Chile. She obtained her Agronomic sciences degree at the University of La Serena. Her thesis was focused on the tolerance strategies under abiotic stress in Chenopodium quinoa. Adriana then decided to study a PhD in Cellular and Molecular Biology at the University Austral of Chile, Valdivia (Chile). Adriana studied the Vitamin C homeostasis at the Central Nervous System and first focused on how ascorbic acid regulates the trafficking of SVCT2 transporter and second how the failure in the ascorbic acid homeostasis impaired the glucose uptake modulation in Huntington disease under the supervision of Dr. Maite A. Castro. In November 2018 Adriana joined the laboratory of Molecular Signaling of Prof. Dikic as a Postdoctoral researcher investigating the role of linear ubiquitination in the remodeling heart.

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